PDX Vegan Food ideas: Rose City Food Park (+ pride month lewksss)

Angel Orpheus

Happy pride month!!

One thing I've been thinking about doing lately is highlighting some of my favorite places around my favorite cities (in this case, Portland) - especially when it comes to good vegan food! I don't know if this type of content would do that well on my Tiktok, so I thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog instead!!

Rose City Food Park - Food Truck park with vegan options in Portland, Oregon

One of my favorite places to eat these days is Rose City Food Park, a food truck park on Sandy in Portland, Oregon!!

 Food Trucks at Rose City Food Park - vegan friendly food in Portland, Oregon

We've come here for both breakfast and lunch tons of times and its one of our absolute favorites!! Not only are there plentiful vegan options, there also an amazing coffee truck that has delicious VEGAN chai, as well as a beer garden for those of you who drink!! At the time of writing there's vegan breakfast, tacos, cheesesteaks, a Tibetan / Indian truck, sushi burritos, and more!!


Above: Buddy's Steaks - Vegan Cheesesteak and Mozzarella Sticks

Another reason we love this place is that there's plenty of outdoor seating, most of which is provided with cover (like extra large umbrellas) so we can stay dry even if it starts to rain (as it frequently does in Portland!!). I haven't felt comfortable eating indoors since well... you know, so the plentiful outdoor seating here is perfect for us!!


Above: Charlie's Breakfast PDX - Vegan Breakfast Burritos and more

One thing of note for this park is that its mainly a breakfast and lunch spot - many of the trucks close by 3pm, and not all of them are open 7 days a week!! So be sure not to show up too late to enjoy the deliciousness, and check the vendors hours online before you go!!

adorpheus enjoying a delicious vegan breakfast crunchwrap from Charlie's Breakfast

The trucks in this park have changed a lot over time, so I can't guarantee every place I've talked about at time of writing will still be there in the future! But every time a place I like has closed, another vegan option has popped up either in its place or somewhere else in the park, and I'm always able to find something delicious to eat!!

adorpheus holds aloft a chai while standing in rose city food park in Portland, Oregon wearing their pride month outfit

Anyways, in the interest of preserving my outfit photos outside of instagram (because apparently they're out here appropriating people's accounts out of nowhere...), here's the rest of the pics from my pride month rainbow look!! Enjoy and be sure to follow me on Tiktok and Pinterest if you haven't already!!


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