Make vegan hot cocoa, sugar free! And it’s super easy! Hot Chocolate

Adrienne Orpheus

Easiest Vegan Hot Cocoa / Hot Chocolate - Low Sugar or Sugar Free

This "recipe" is so simple I feel like it shouldn't even be a post, but here goes! For an embarrassing amount of years, delicious hot cocoa was beyond my grasp. As a huge fan of chocolate, I found this difficult to deal with. I can't have any pre-made mixes (I've heard there are vegan ones. Whatever!) because they all have milk in them. I've made hot cocoa from unsweetened powder with limited success - the cocoa usually clumps together, which is more frustration than I'm willing to put up with for a measly cup of cocoa. Then I discovered unsweetened chocolate almond milk and my life changed forever.

IT IS ACTUALLY THIS EASY: All you need to do to have delicious sugar free chocolate milk is this combine the unsweetened chocolate milk with stevia (or other sweetener) to taste. That's all there is to it! If you use stevia as the sweetener, it only has 45 calories a cup. Yes really.

To make hot cocoa with it, all you have to do is heat it up the chocolate almond milk until its just barely started to boil. I do it on the stove, but if you're a microwave person, feel free to do that instead. You can also test how hot it is by dipping your finger in. After its hot, pour it into a mug and add sugar, stevia, or other sweetener.

How much sweetener do you need? I usually use 3 packets of stevia to one mug of cocoa, but obviously your taste buds may prefer more or less sweet. If almond milk isn't your favorite, I've also seen unsweetened chocolate soy milk! And if for some reason your local Whole Foods or other grocer doesn't sell unsweetened chocolate almond milk (or if you just want to buy a ton of it), you can get it in bulk on amazon. I hope you love this recipe as much as I do, especially if like me, you are trying to eat less sugar! 

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