Lovecore inspiration flows all year round…

Valentine’s Day may be over but as far as I’m concerned it’s Valentine month now!

Cupid Hanzo month continues for another few days so I wanted to belatedly share my Valentine outfit pics lol... Though if you follow me on instagram or tiktok you may have actually got to see them on Valentine's day.

Lovecore (also known as Valentinecore) is an aesthetic inspired by Valentine's Day, notable for mixing red and pink, which previous rules of fashion have dictated are two colors that should never mix... I'm glad that fashion rule was made to be broken because I live for this shit!! I dress like this on and off all year round, but in the weeks leading up to February 14th is when the brands finally start to embrace it, leading to outfits like these.


@adorpheus When the aesthetic you wear all year round is finally in season lol… 💘 • Single, attached, or anything else, always remember: You matter, Valentine!! If you don’t have a Valentine, I’ll be your Valentine today 👼🏽 • #lovecorefashion #valentinecore #youmattervalentine #valentinesfashion2023 #pinkoutfits💗💖 #kawaiiaesthetic ♬ Strict Machine - Goldfrapp


Here's some more pics from my favorite outfit of the day... And be sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel because I have a fun new fashion video I'm working on that should be posted soon!! 



 P.S. Does anyone still use Flickr?? People keep taking my old fashion pics from there and reposting them on ig (which I'm fine with btw, lol), so I figured I would ressurect my profile and start cross posting to it too. Feel free to follow me or whatever it is people do on this site idk 

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